Rex Polyextrusion Pvt Limited


Double walled Corrugated ( DWC ) HPDE Pipes as per IS 14390 part 2, suitable for cable protection to be buried underground.


Double walled Corrugated ( DWC ) HPDE Pipes as per IS 16098-2, suitable for Sewerage and drainage buried underground.


Cable trenches/channel made of PP/PE. These are light weight, Maintenance free and suitable for Above ground laying.

Plus + StiRex

Sheathing Ducts made of HDPE as per FIB 7, IRC 112 2011.


PVC Corrugated perforated pipes made as per IS 9271 for sub-surface drainage. These pipes find application in Farms, Sports field etc…


These belts have omega shaped openings on one side. They work on sipon and capillary action and transport water from water logged area to low lying area near buy.

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