Curran International

Curran 500

This coating has very good service life for tube sheet coatings. This coatings can be applied in an event of shell side leakage, tube sheet erosion, galvanic attack etc. Suitable for chillers, air coolers and other exchangers.

Curran – 1000

This coating acts as barrier between tube and fouling. Such a coating avoids scaling and corrosion inside the tube Ids. Also it is of great help in case you are observing any thinning on tube inlet.

Curran 1500

This coating finds its application for large tube sheet and water box of power plants. Again avoiding tube sheet erosion.

Garnet Blasting

Specially designed nozzles transfer Garnet at high speed inside the tube. This helps in cleaning the mill scales, oxidation layer and any kind of deposition form inside of the tube. The hardest of scales can be removed by this method.

Inserts Solution

We install partial and full length insert to the thinning tubes. Such inserts also takes care of inlet end erosion and pitting.